Hello everyone. I am on Dashh with some shocking news and information. You may have been shocked after reading the title “26 January 26 soldiers sacrificed their lives”. I am going to explain it for you. We all know the importance of Army personnel in a country. India is a developing country as well as it has one of the world’s biggest and powerful army. India has strengthen its Air, Water and Land forces. Now, India has many fighting planes, tanks, and lethal weapons.

But what would you say when you hear that our 26 Army personnel sacrificed their life for our motherland in the month of January. Yes, its is true my friends. This is a huge loss for the country. Although we have also killed a huge number of terrorists in return. I would like to put some real facts in front of you that last year about 88 security force personnel were killed.

The issue of Jammu and Kashmir is a burning issue between India and Pakistan. Not only India and Pakistan, it has become a global topic. Terrorists enter in our territory by crossing LOC of Pakistan and then India. But even now, Pakistan is not ready to accept the reality. Recently, in Pakistan terrorists attacked on a Masjid. In reply Pakistan has killed 130 terrorists. This clearly shows that both countries are fed up with terrorist attacks. Then why not they join hands together to remove this global evil (not social evil) from our society. Youth of our country are lured towards it. Terrorists change their mentality towards the society and this is the biggest problem. India has to be mentally prepared for the attacks like 26/11, Pathankot, Uri, etc.

At last, I just want to give tribute to those martyrs. Their family members have the pride in their eyes. They are ready to send their another son to the Army, to serve our motherland. And this is the courage which every Indian has.

Jai Hind! Jai Bharat!

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