Hello, I think that you guys are surprised that what the hack I am gonna do. Yeah, this is not about anything or something. This is about everything which is the root of all fights, love, respect, happiness, sadness, ideas, illusions, reality and everything. This is “A Letter To The Creator Of My Creations“.

I really don’t know that why I am writing this letter. Probably, I don’t know what I am going to do. But I do know how to get rid of it by finding the answer. Possibly I know the answer. Possibly I don’t want to get rid of it. I know everything, everything which is happening to me. Was it my fault? Yeah it was mine just because I don’t blame others. I think and I believe that it was necessary. You know what, it is screwing my heart. It pains in my heart. And that’s is the reason that why I am not getting rid out of you. You are my goal, an ultimate goal. No you are not a goal. You are a universe to me. You are something which is inside me. You are something which is beyond imagination.

Do you know? Do you know what is happening to me? No you don’t. I bet you don’t and you can’t. And you are not the only one who don’t understand me. You are not the only one who can’t understand me. I must say this line”Everyone who is born can’t understand me”. I too don’t understand me. Probably, I know and I understand everything.

And you… Do you think that I will settle? Come one! You are wrong as always or probably this time. Listen to me “I am not going to settle at any cost”. I am a type of person who is known as “Ziddi (stubborn)“. I’ m not gonna settle Buy yes, I am gonna change my way. I am gonna do everything and anything which is needed to get you. I want you for no reason. I want you and that’s it. No more argue. You can’t understand me. You are just a universe. You are inside me. You are not everything to me. I am everything to me. I am an infinity to me who is exploring the universes. I am exploring an universe named Dashh which I am running with my friends. And I want you my universe in my infinity. Do you get that. That is all I want from you.

As mentioned, I am hard(Possibly Impossible) to understand. I am an infinity to me. I am everything to me and I want to explore you. And if wanted means I will. I will explore you my UNIVERSE in my INFINITY. Do you get that? I will be back . I will be back to you. Probably, I am back. That’s it form me.

This is Shubham Saurav who is hard to understand. You don’t even know what is my next move. And yes, I am not gonna tell you because you are just a universe to me and I am an Infinity to me.