Hello friends, this is Shivam Sharma again on Dashh. This time with an interesting but true science news. What would be your reaction if I say that, scientists have discovered a new human organ! Yes, it is true. Scientists have discovered a new human organ in digestive system of our body. The new organ is called ‘mesentery’ and it connects a person’s small intestines to the abdominal wall and anchors them in place.

Scientists have learned a lot about how the human body works, but our biology is still a mystery in many ways.

This is the discovery of body’s 79th organ. Another interesting fact is that, people have known about the newly classified organ, known as ‘mesentery’ for hundreds of years.

Leonardo Da Vinci even included it in an anatomical illustration. It was thought to be a fragmented structure consisting of separate parts until Dr. J. C. Coffey, a professor of Surgery at the University of Limerick in Ireland, found evidence that it was one continuous organ.

It is the beginning not the end. The biology is very young and there are many more researches and discoveries to be done in near future.