Hi guys! I am here with my new poem titled as “A stomach to be filled”. It is on one of the greatest gifts given to us by the God. It is on father.. I hope you guys will like it. Do drop your comments in comment box.


A  stomach to be filled

Those glittering hands

With blood and sweat

Were for rewarding his lad

With a whole bread

To pass the night

Without another stomach ache

Due to hunger

Which was written in their fate.

That innocent lad knew nothing

About the cruel race

That his father

Everyday had to face.


He fought and fought

Only for that one smile

Which came from his son

When he grew his lips wide.

The sight of his grin

Was heaven to him

But unfortunately his pockets

Always remained quite thin.


He could only boast

His shower of love

Without any lux

And without any dove.

But he still continued to

Stroll above.



In front of him

Was another hungry night

He wasn’t ready for such

Tough fight

He looked at his starving son

With no hope

All he could think

Was of a hanging rope

He thought it is better

To get killed

But next morning

The soldier stood up again

As there was

A hungry stomach to be filled…




Featured image credit-

Tim Mossholder