We are the human beings – the most intelligent creature in the universe. We live on the planet Earth. Earth is our motherland. But can we imagine that there is another planet in the universe like our Earth .As per our present knowledge, only planet earth sustain life .All we have discussed in this blog is An Another Earth.
Yes, it is true …NASA scientists have found a planet that looks similar to earth.It is an extra solar planet with mass higher than Earth’s mass. But substantially below the mass of solar system’s ice giants. It’s real name is Super-Earth Kepler-10b.
The first super earths were discovered by Aleksander Wolszczan and Dale Frail around the pulsar PSR B1257+12 in 1992.
Now many of you would like to know that were is the super earth?
Super Earth is relatively close 22 light years from Earth in the constellation of scorpio it said. But no accurate distance of super earth due to very far distance.
It may be possibilities of life there.Many people think this planet on Hypothetical.But NASA has belive in this research and we hope we will find more such planets in future.
The major difference between Earth and Super Earth may be that earth is 23 1/2 tilted on its axis but it may not be on super earth.We hope we will find more such planet in universe and life may be possible there.

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