Sketched his way filled it with colours
Painted his destiny ignoring rumours
He saw grey phases felt blues
Made many chases to express views
Heartbroken he cried many times
Numb he was in those sleepless nights
Walked alone under streetlights
Consoled himself everytime “it’s all right”
Sacrifices he made lost his friends
Left his home cozy life ends
Never ever did he followed this trend
Of college, job and being husband
After some sunsets comes a morning
For so many years he was longing
Masterpieces his work he was renowned
Lost in echoes of applauds and sounds
After gulping hardships tasted success
Proved society wrong while he was correct
Ones who closed doors and always rejected
Hung heads in shame when records he surrected
He truly smiled so his near and dear ones
He knew tears needed to see the sun
Follow your dreams though surreal
For fantasies are waiting to be made real