Author: Ayush

KOTA- what is the reality?

In India being a doctor or IITian (not engineer) is very prestigious. Having the tag of IITian or Doctor before your name increases your status in the society and make your parents proud. In India whenever a question arises that where should any student go to crack medical or IIT entrance exam? The answer is always one- KOTA. Here a question arises why Kota is so famous for the students. Perhaps the reason is that that in past few years Kota has produced toppers. I would like to put some real facts in front of you Kota has approximately...

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Tolerance- need of the hour?

In recent days the debate on tolerance is on its height. One word is becoming very popular – “Intolerance”. Leaders used this as a political tool for publicity. My question is not what leaders did? My question is – Is intolerance really a big worry for India? The literary meaning of tolerance is the ability to tolerate something or someone. Tolerance plays very important role in everyone’s life. There is tolerance in everyone because without tolerance life is not possible. Another truth is that there is intolerance in everyone too. Because everything has its inverse. India has a rich...

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