Author: Himanshu Nath Jha

Another STORY is ready to be TOLD

Welcome everyone! I was having a word with me on me. It was quite interesting and confusing though. I ended up with this poem. I don’t know whether it is extraordinary or just another poem. But at least it is my poem. The title goes like this ANOTHER STORY IS READY TO BE TOLD. I need your reviews on this. Don’t hesitate to share it if you like it. So enjoy the ride now.. Another story is ready to be told.. I sat, I sit But I did not know the mist Knowing, something Was unpleasant But unwillingly, I...

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Hope in the lost war

Losing is important because it is the best way to learn. It teaches us the real meaning of victory. Only a loser can realize that how difficult and precious ‘victory’ is. Losing is the best way to conquer the defeat. Yeah you might fail many times but every time that greed of winning multiplies. You get more and more motivated. Because loss feeds us with hope while victory feeds up with expectation. Expectation kills while hope keeps us alive. Hello everyone! I am Himanshu, here again with my poem this time. It is titled as HOPE IN THE LOST...

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The Best Friend – A poem on the power of friendship.

Hi everyone! I am here again with my new composition. It’s called ‘The Best Friend’. Hope you all like it! Do drop your comments in the comment box. So now enjoy.. The Best Friend I know a boy Who never did any unpleasant noise, Full of hunger and thirst To rescue himself from the crust. Once he got a best friend Who always told him about the trends They laboured, To achieve a level Fire took in the jungle, Which was full of rumour Each one acted as O2 To transform their friendship into CO2 The fire started to...

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Why is Indian Judiciary slow? Does it really provide justice?

We all know that India’s constitution is one of the longest and lengthiest constitutions of the world, containing 444 articles in 22 parts, 12 schedules. We have done total 118 amendments till date. In words, our constitution contains 146385 words. If I ask, what is the purpose of this constitution? Then you may say that its main purpose is to give everybody equal rights. It also promises us to give justice. And this is my point that why is Indian Judiciary slow? Is the present Indian Judicial system able to provide justice to all? Yes they have done it...

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26 January | 26 soldiers sacrificed their lives.

Hello everyone. I am on Dashh with some shocking news and information. You may have been shocked after reading the title “26 January 26 soldiers sacrificed their lives”. I am going to explain it for you. We all know the importance of Army personnel in a country. India is a developing country as well as it has one of the world’s biggest and powerful army. India has strengthen its Air, Water and Land forces. Now, India has many fighting planes, tanks, and lethal weapons. But what would you say when you hear that our 26 Army personnel sacrificed their...

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