Author: Himanshu Nath Jha


I think that after reading the title, you all may have understood that what this blog is about. This is about “TELEVISION and CHILDREN- A BOON or BANE”. We all know that television is a great source of entertainment as well as source of information. Anything bad or good happened in any part of the world, we come to know about it after just few minutes. After coming of this striking creation of science (television), large number of people started using it as a source of entertainment and information. In many countries people uses it too much such as...

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Oh! Family, family Oh…. my family, You prove to be the best Always where I threat. I do mistakes, that is my misbehave, But you never think all about this behave You show me paths, to achieve, With your help, I will surely succeed. Just bless me and say, ‘We will be always with you.’ Then I will do, what I never ever thought to do. Have trust on me, but not blind. But, I am a little confused about you, Because my mind always asks that who are you? Is this the family? In which our grands are...

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Indian Army

Do not lament the death of warriors killed in the battlefield As those who sacrifice their lives in the war are honored in HEAVEN. Common people who dares to fight against any situation and saves the life of the others, whose love for their country is beyond our imagination and who serves their country and government with complete dedication is known as Army Personnel. India is a vast country with a population of 1.21. India is the second largest country according to population and 7th largest according to area. So it is natural that to control and protect such...

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