Author: Samriddhi Swaroop

What an era has came; oh dear!

What an era has came; oh dear! The dreams of Shakespeare is going to shear People has became selfish and technical They have left their love for literature.   The way of expressing emotions have changed Now people from letters are on their messages arranged The song of Wordsworth, the sound of Tennyson Hope of Hardy is now the curse from benison.   Poets, writers, authors are prosperous by heart People today doesn’t want anything from money apart Life of literature earlier was a dream Now, the desire to explore and write is a scream.   The humorous dramas,...

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I saw him working! | A poem on child Labor

I saw him Small hands, washing plates and dishes I saw him, working on a chilly day Instead of pen and paper; picking leftovers Sacrificing his emotions and dreams for serving tray   Walking miles from home to work and back His legs attacked by pebbles and spar Cold breeze hitting the hilly road His destiny is both faint and blur   His childhood crushed to earn daily Shouldn’t be there any aid for his dreams? Eyes full of drops remained lamenting ever He spent his whole life in family screams…. Share...

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Poem on India that every Indian should read!

Hello guys! I am Samriddhi Swaroop, new at It is said that a pen is mightier than a sword. I believe in this. It is the best time to put my thoughts into words in the form of poems. So here are the two of my poems. Do share your views in the comment box.   India India is a country in which People are not so very rich It is a holy land Where everyone raises his hand The roads are full of crowd People here to live feel proud India is a land of village It’s main feature is tillage In India people have unity Many religion lives here for eternity India is a land of mosques, Gurudwaras, Churches and Temples It has given a numerous satellite samples It is the land of Gandhi and Nehru Here people on some matters daily argue It is the land of great tricolour Here children watch stars with binoculars Hoping one day they will go in space Here people from their love are traced Indian land is beautiful and gorgeous Indians are by heart prosperous From Kashmir to Kanyakumari And Gandhinagar to Guwahati People have different lifestyles and cultures It is a land of birds like peacock and vulture So India is a country Where people have a unity It’s not just a country, It’s heaven It is the...

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