Sometimes you feel low for what you are losing. It always hurt to let go that precious thing which you had since ages. It seems like a bad dream.

Hello friends! I am Ayush, here again with my another poem. This poem is very close to my heart as it expresses the grief which I am carrying. It is titled as ‘A BAD DREAM’. I hope that you guys would like it and give it a read. I don’t know whether this poem is good or not but it is certainly dear to me. So enjoy.



It seems like a bad dream,

Where I am shouting myself out

But without any scream,

Where I am leading the battle

But without any team,

Where I am trying to grow a plant

But without any sun beam,

Where I am burning my inner voice

But without any steam,

Where I am painting a canvas

But without any theme.


I don’t know that

What is going wrong?

I don’t know that

What should be made more strong?

Perhaps it is me

Trying to stand alone

But with my friends

And without any clone.


I did not know that

It was so difficult

To be an honest,

I did not know that

It was so foolish

To be a modest.

And I paid for it

Because I forgot that

Lion is the king of

The jungle not of a forest..


I am growing pale

As I am watching others grow

I am getting derailed

As I am watching the end of my show

I can imagine myself getting

Thrown out of the row

I can see myself getting wounded

From the arrow of time’s bow.

And it hurts to witness all of these,

But the irony is that

It is the thrown out people

Who open the circus

And let the inner voice GLOW

It is the thrown out people

Who have the courage to

Dance according to their soul

Nothing can stop them if they

Wish to do so

Because they create

Their own columns

And their own rows!


So all I need to do

Is a loud scream

All I need to make

Is a simple team

I need to fetch all

Those sun beams

Together with some

Of  the loveliest themes

Because it does not matter

If I get thrown out

What matters

Is to conquer my

Bad dream!



Featured Image Credit-

Joshua Earle