Man this is ridiculous. This is really bad. Bad word is a very small for that incident. This is a matter of huge shame. I am talking about the Bangalore incident of 31st December. I think that you all are well aware about the Bangalore incident of 31st December. If you are not, then please look outside. Because there is also a world outside you. You can check it through this link.

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We say that India is a great country. There is freedom all around. India is a developing country. Blah blah blah blah! I am not saying that all of these are false. But what the hell is the benefit of having these qualities if our sisters, mothers, daughters, etc are not safe. We proclaim ourselves as the owner of the most ancient and richest tradition. But what is the use of this tradition which cannot even teach the men that how to respect women. We say that we have unity. But where the hell that unity went on that very night. Why no one came and protected those girls? Why everyone stood silent?

Who is responsible for this? This is a big question. Is the government responsible for this? Are those shameless assholes (the men who harassed women on that very night) responsible for this? Are their parents responsible for it? I don’t think that it will correct to put the whole blame on any of them. Because from my opinion the society is completely responsible for it.

That society which gives gun as toy to a 5 year boy and doll or kitchen set to a 5 year girl. That society which decides the character of a girl by just looking at her clothes. That society where girls can’t go outside after 8pm. That society which says that girls are petrol and sugar. That society includes the government, those assholes, parents of those assholes, the leaders which says that girls are petrol and sugar and me too. I am also part of that society. I was also taught that boys don’t cry and a famous Hindi dialogue that mard ko dard nai hota (men don’t feel pain). Many of you are also from that society. And I can openly say that I am ashamed of this society.

If we want any change then we have to change the society. And that society will change when we will change. When we start standing against these types of incidents instead of just standing and recording video, only then we can say that our society is safe for women. Remember one thing that if we ignore it today then people will ignore it also when it happens with any of our family member.

The Bangalore incident of 31st December is a matter of huge shame. And there is a need of revolution. An effective revolution. Because if it does not prove to be effective then it will be forgotten few years later as it happened with Nirbhaya case. The revolution won’t become effective by burning buses and striking at Jantar Mantar. It will become effective only when we teach each and every male member of the society to how to respect women. And it need to be now otherwise there is no hope.