Hii guys today I am back after a long while on the topic “Change”.


I am sure you may be thinking Wow!! What kind of girl she is.  Yes, friends, I am helpless. I was stopping myself for putting this blog in front of you and especially this quotation too. But today I became helpless. I have to write. I wish you will definitely follow me.

In our day to day life, we are seeing this regularly that somebody is already suggesting us that you should do like this, like that blah!!! blah!! blah!!!. Just imagine in this world the change which you are wanting or looking for how you will feel. Definitely, you will be glad or happy to see. Instead of suggesting other people you yourself do that thing. I am not saying you to be selfish. 

What I am suggesting is that we are advising people that if you have done this work in this way then it would be much better. First, you yourself do that thing in that way which you are suggesting after that tell him/ her to do so. People will stand against you. You have to fight with most of the people you admire and respect. But you simply cannot bring change without changing yourself. Mahatma Gandhi said that “Be the change you want to see in this world” What will the benefit of preaching things all around if you yourself don’t follow it. Be the example you want to see. It’s that simple. 

Do you know friends if we all become united and will have a promise to ourselves that we will be the change we want see in the world. Then see what a miracle is going to happen. I request you please don’t take it in a negative sense as well as this matter lightly too.