Hiiiii! Guys. This is Sami again in front of you. And as usual I am here with my new poem but this poem is not an usual poem, I bet you. I have just loved this poem and I could not resist myself from sharing this poem with you guys.. Hope u like it. It is titled as “Be the slave of your dreams”. So enjoy..

Be the slave of your Dreams

If you want to be a victor

Live the life you life

You have to be a little quick

To make yourself a good dove.

For being the fine steel

You have to pass the test of fire

Any success is not the end indeed

You have to reach infinite desires.

Much cuddled, much pampered

Now it’s time to stand!

Yes, you will get slandered

But after storm, you will reach the strand

Now is time, now is the time start

Stand by all of your screams

You have to fill up your fantasy cart

You have to be the slave of your dreams…