Hello! guys I am back with an interesting topic. As the title suggests it is on the CCE pattern. There is a news that CCE pattern is going to end. I am not sure about that and this is not what I am gonna discuss in this blog. I am going to discuss that is CCE pattern perfect for the present education system? I think that this is a very complicated question. People may have different opinions on it but I am going to share my own. I am a student of grade 9. I have studied in both patterns which are the conventional pattern(old pattern) and CCE pattern. What I am going to do is to compare both of them.

CCE stands for Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation. The name itself justifies the pattern. It was introduced in 2011 to reduce the burden of studies from the shoulder of students. When I got to know about this I was very happy. But this pattern became very complicated in upcoming years. The result is shown in CGPA rather than the percentage. CGPA is made after analyzing the behavior, class performance, written examinations, oral tests, homework record, co-curricular activities, games and sports activities, etc of the each and every student. It seems adequate for the education system but if you go deeper in it then you will find that it gives an immense amount of power in the hands of the school department. The overall counting of marks is done on the scale of 100. If any student scores full out full in written examination then he/she will only get 60 or 70 marks. The rest of the marks is given by analyzing his/her behavior and several activities(which I have listed above in this paragraph). What if school department refuses to give those remaining marks even when the student is good in every aspect. The school can give an excuse that your ward was not disciplined enough to get those marks. Nobody can question that. And many schools have gone corrupt due to this. This was the first negative point.

The second is that on the name of reducing the burden it has decreased the level of education. This has resulted in the lack of commitment and hard work from the student’s side. The another provision is that no one can fail. This rule has guaranteed the students that they can’t fail so they feel that there is no need to study. Students feel free.

The older version was also not perfect. It didn’t work on the behavior and other activities. People might complain that the older version gave a lot of burden and pressure to students. I agree with it but it is also true that you cannot run away from hard work and responsibilities.

On the whole, both have disadvantages as well as advantages. There is nothing perfect in this world. You have to adapt according to the situation. If you will ask me then my personal opinion favors the older form of the education system. It was my view. Do share your views in the comment box.