Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” or “Clean India Mission” is a national campaign started with a slogan

Ek kadam swacchta ki or”

One step towards cleanliness”

It is a campaign launched by the Indian government covering 4,041 statuary cities and towns to clean the streets, roads and infrastructures of the country. Its main mission is to make India a clean and healthy country.

The campaign was officially launched on 2nd October, 2014 at Rajghat, New Delhi by the Prime Minister of India Sri Narendra Modi. It is one of the biggest campaigns of India. Its effects can be seen in the whole country. The enthusiasm of people is very good towards it. This mission was implemented to fulfill the dream of Mahatma Gandhi. So it was launched on his birthday anniversary. His dream was to see a clean and better India. The aim of this very campaign is to eradicate open defecation by 2019. It is initiated and promoted by some of the famous personalities to spread this mission all over India.

It is a politics free campaign and inspired by the patriotism. It is launched as a responsibility of each and every citizen to make this country clean. It had initiated people globally towards the cleanliness. The mission has targeted the aims like eliminating the open defecations, converting insanitary, eradicating manual scavenging, complete disposal and reuse of solid and liquid wastes, to bring positive behavioral changes in people and motivate health practices and to spread awareness among people about cleanliness.

It is a big challenge for all the citizens of India. It can’t be done by few people only. Each and every Indian has to participate in this very campaign otherwise there will be no success. Today it looks like a dream because in India most of the places are dirty. This is the bitter truth about India. Although we are one of the developing countries but still we are facing this problem. We common people always complain that the local road is not so clean, drainages are blocked by the garbages, playgrounds are dirty and government should look after it. But if we honestly ask a question that who throws the garbage on the street? Who make the playgrounds dirty? Who blocks the drainage by throwing the garbage in it? Then the answer will be common which is the common people. Yes it is the duty of government to clean the roads. But if we(common Indians) shall not support the government then how the government will function properly? So first we have to become aware.

There is a common concept of making our house look good and clean. What if when we start believing that this road, this colony and this society is just like our house. We have to clean it as we clean our home then all problems will be solved. It is only possible when each and every Indian would understand this campaign and their own responsibilities and unite together to make this mission successful. Then this DREAM will become the REALITY…