“Education is the backbone of the society.” “Everyone should get education.” “Education is our birth right.” If you are living on this cruel planet then you must have heard these slogans. I completely agree with these but my question is how can everyone get access to the quality education? This is the age of commercialisation. Everyone thing becomes small against money. And this is what happening with the education. I am simply going to talk about a major concern of Indian Education System that is “Commercialisation of Education in India”.

I am a student. And from my personal experience, I can say that education is now bought not learnt. If you have money, you get admission in some highly qualified schools otherwise you have to be extraordinary talented. Today schools provide uniforms, books, copies, bags, etc. In short we can say that schools are providing every facility but somewhere they have left the main facility which is providing education.

India is still a developing country and most of the people are still underprivileged. They are not capable of sending their children to some good schools. So they are bound to send their children to local governmental schools. But those schools are not worth enough to educate the children. Already the Indian Education system is not good enough. Here exams test the memory of children not the ability. In cities like Kota, Delhi, Hyderabad etc education has become a business. There is total Commercialisation of Education.

The matter of concern is that the teachers are also involved in this. The tutors and coaching centres are replacing the schools. Schools are only left for passing the exams and getting certificates. I can hardly see any student who is not receiving tuition or going to any kind of coaching.

I think that commercialisation is not that bad either because those teachers also have to survive. But the level at which it is happening is not proper as it has included corruption. This is not the story of a single place, city, or village. This is the story of whole India. Those parents who cannot afford they have to depend on the merit of the child. But how can any child develop his merit if he has not got the quality education since his birth? How can any child become extraordinary in just one or two years?

What we need to do is to provide the equal education to everyone because every child is special. You cannot provide better education to the better ones and lower education to some underrated students. We need to bring this change. We have to reduce the Commercialisation of Education in India.