Hii champs. I am sure this time after reading the topic there must be a bright smile on your face. And you must be excited to read it. Guys make sure that whenever I, Niti Goyanka is going to write a blog then it usually didn’t contain those information what you think. Actually I always try my best to bring a glooming smile in your face instead of making you all bore.

Guys, as we know there are lots of people in this world. All have different different types of nature. Some have a neglecting nature, some have a complaining nature, etc. etc. As mainly I have to focus on Complain.

A kid to an old man is a big journey of life. In which I think a man saw lot of things. When a kid is in his/ her studying age then he/she definitely may be notorious, intelligent or may be dull in studies but expert in any other field. Now directly I am going to tell you instead of beating the bush.

Guys actually I wanted to tell you that there must be a time when you have complained about any student to any teacher. He may have got a good one from his teacher. After that I wanted to know what did you get by getting him a good slap by teacher. Definitely you must be thinking Nothing!!. But friends may be that friend have got a feeling of revenge. He may ignore it also. Actually in this selfish era nobody knows anyone when he/ she will change his/ her color like chameleon. So, friends you should brought a feeling of kindness, a word called help should originate in your dictionary.

You should make your friend correct before he will be corrected by anyone. I can understand there are some of the friends in this society who cannot understand your feelings. They used to repeat the same mistakes again and again and you are forced to do their complain. But friends why don’t you try to keep the same scenario in front of your friend. Always remember that ” Each and every dog has a day.”

Friends you will achieve nothing by complaining about any person. You will only achieve their slangs or their curse.If you want to receive blessings then STOP COMPLAINING FROM TODAY!!!!!!!!!! START POINTING OUT MISTAKES OF YOUR FRIEND AND KEEP IT WITHIN YOU AND HIM. i AM NOT A GOOD STUDENT IN HINDI BUT STILL I REMEMBER ONE DOHA WHICH IS REGULARLY TOLD BY MY TEACHER

“Neendak niyare rakhiye, aangan kuti chabayi,

bin sabun paani bina, nirmal kare subai”

My Hindi teacher used to told me as he wanted to get rid of my complains. I hope friends I haven’t bored you and taught you an interesting lesson.



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