Education- If anyone implements this word in his/her life then his/her life can will be fruitful. This word has a great importance in anyone’s life. If you will research on successful people then you will find that most of them were/are educated. Humans have developed more in last 2 centuries than the last 2 millennium. This has been possible only due to education. Without proper education, no one can get success in his/her life.

Education is very important for us. Everyone knows it. Even the illiterate knows it. Then why everyone is not educated? I think that major reason behind this poverty. But it is only education that can eradicate poverty. Education enhances our capabilities. It enhances our thinking and creative skills and provides a good way to solve the problems.

There are three types of education- Primary, Secondary and Higher. Each type of education has its own significance. Primary education is like the start of the race. We need to start it well. Its like a base of the building. Secondary education is the middle part of the race. We have to be consistent in this part. Higher education is the last stage of the race. Here we have to run very fast to achieve our goals. Apart from these educations, we get our first education by our parents which our mother and father. So, their role increases a lot.

The life of an educated man is way better than an uneducated one. Illiterate people can be cheated easily. They don’t know their rights. They don’t know how to perform any work in a well manner.

Quality of education decides the future of the country not the literacy rate. Quality is important because it yields results in future. First we have to end this concept that girls should not be educated or they should not be given higher education. Education should be given to all whether that person is male or female. Because we need to keep the balance in the society and without women there is no balance in the society.

Earlier the education was not available for all. It was very costly and everyone could not afford it. But the time has changed and so the society. Today education is promoted everywhere. Many government schemes have been launched in many countries. It is our duty to educate each and every child because every child deserves the best and education can provide the best!

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