Hi! This your Old Blogger Niti Goyanka. I am 110% sure by reading the title you must be thinking that I have gone mad. No, I am alright. I think our society has made the future creators mad also. I am not talking about boys. I know that you must be thinking that how I am saying so now. As the girls are also leading. But I want to ask a simple question that are all girls leading? No, never. Why it is so? Perhaps the reason is that still many people think that education of girl child is a burden? No, It’s not. Education of Girl Child is not a burden.

I would like to state that really education of a girl child is a burden. In a poor family the education of the girl child comes outside the purview of the budget. When the resources are limited, the priority areas have to fixed. In a poverty feeding all the members, clothing them and looking after their health is of primary concern to the head of the family. The rest of the resources of the family should be spent on the education of the boys in the family. Later on the boy is going to be the head and the bread winner of the family. He should be properly educated and groomed to take on the responsibility. Because the family thinks that girls can’t deliver. So, I feel that in such a case the education of the girl child will be a burden. Even if a girl is educated and given the right kind of grooming, one day, she might leave the family nest and get married. So in that case, why should the family divert its precious resources in her education? This is the mentality of the present rural areas.

They feel that those resources should also be utilised for the boys so that they can came up in their life. further, when the girl child remains at home she can look after and manage house and learns to do all the household activities. Her duty later on in life is to look after the family and take care of children. If she does not do that and is away from home for long durations, that will be an additional burden on the house. They think that by educating the girl child the family will be inviting problems and family use its precious resources as economically as possible.

And if you also think like this then you simply need to grow up. And look around yourselves. Because the thinking like these is the perfect example of cheap and narrow thinking which still exists in abundance. Education does not mean eating mid-day meals and  getting bicycles and laptops for free. I think that I don’t need to list our the names of great women who had proved this wrong. Because the people with these kind of mentality don’t deserve it!

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