Hello examination! Your name is stress!

What is examination stress? It could be defined as a type of high anxiety affecting a candidate before, during and after examination. It is a common issue dealt by students throughout their academic life. Stress is normal human feeling that is a part of the life and can often serve as a good form of adrenaline. Stress is your mind or your body’s natural response to what it seems as a threat. When threatened, our body triggers a number of physical(somatic), emotional and mental(cognitive) reactions. Each category is connected to the other, so anything that can be done to less one’s reaction will decrease the impact of some common things.

The butterflies in the stomach, the sweaty clammy hands, the urge to visit the toilet, the weak knees, the unreasonable panic attacks: these are vital signs of stress.

Symptoms of stress vary from person to person. Some students are mildly affected and exhibit few symptoms while others experience severe reactions. Physical, mental and emotional symptoms are seen before, during and after examination. They run the whole gamut from appetite changes to excessive tiredness, stomach cramps, dry mouths, fainting and vomiting.

In dealing with stress there are do(s) and don’t(s). The many don’t(s) include not to be negative or rush or to get influenced by those more stressed than you. The do(s) include positive statements, natural breathing techniques and believing in yourself. After all it is just and examination!

On the test day itself, be fresh and alert, think of past successes and put things into their perspective with success visualization.

A little stress helps. Excess stress paralyzes. One can have no stress, too little or too much. In the first instance the candidate is spared much stress. In the third instance the candidate is a bundle of nervous energy. Which category do you fall into? Think and write in comment box.

See you soon examination in the month of March. Goodbye stress! Goodbye exams!

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