Oh! Family, family

Oh…. my family,

You prove to be the best

Always where I threat.

I do mistakes, that is my misbehave,

But you never think all about this behave

You show me paths, to achieve,

With your help, I will surely succeed.

Just bless me and say, ‘We will be always with you.’

Then I will do, what I never ever thought to do.

Have trust on me, but not blind.

But, I am a little confused about you,

Because my mind always asks that who are you?

Is this the family?

In which our grands are in old age homes,

Where they sleep on ground, sometimes without food.

And on the same time, hounds are in home,

Who never even put their legs on the ground.

We live with we two and our two,

But we also have to

include the old two….