Generation gap refers to differences in actions, beliefs, interests, and opinions that exist between individuals from different generations that Causes conflict among two different age groups.

Causes of generation gap:-

Age difference between two .
Differences between opinion
1. Age difference:-Age difference leads to difference in ideas about something. For example: – people of older age thought that mobile/computers are waste of time but new generation has different thought that internet is very knowledgeable.

Differences between opinion :- Differences between opinions
Leads to conflicts between peoples of two different ages.

If anyone of family not wants to follow the tradition he/she

May be pressurized to follow the tradition that would lead

To conflicts.

*Upon example: – there are two types of effects of age difference

Age difference


Positive effect negative effect
Positive effect: – It leads to limited use of computer/mobiles.
It also helps in getting more and more knowledge from internet.

May the Children use internet for social networking. May the student is denied of internet.

Effects of generation gap:-

Positive – it leads to balance of tradition as well as modernity.
Negative – it slow our rate of modernizing. It leads to conflicts between different age groups
freedom without some limitation is dangerous to the

Society. Now a days we are modernizing but without

Limitations. Most of the children from 13 to 18

Have been registered on social networking sites. This

Is because parents didn’t bound them. But there

Are also many student who haven’t even opened a

Web browser till age. In our societies there are even now restrictions upon girls to go to school/collage.

But with modernization we have to change our society.

So, at last it comes to point that parents have to modernize their children but with some limitations

Not with restrictions and severe control.

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