Today, thousands of power stations all over the world are producing electricity with help of “generators”. Without the invention of generator electric power could not have been a reality .Generator was the milestone in history of electricity .It is just impossible to visualize today’s world without electricity. Electricity is the major basement of digital world. Without electricity, we can’t imagine the 21st century. The credit o inventing this machine goes to “MICHAEL FARADAY”. Michael was born on 22nd September 1791 in London. When he made the first generator, he was not so aware that this would change the world. Really, it was a boon of the scientific age of Michael Faraday.

Michael was a born genius. He was a son of a blacksmith and worked many years in a book binding shop where he read many scientific books. In early year

s he was attracted towards science. He developed interest in science after attended some lectures of Sir Humphry Davy in 1812. He sent his study notes to Sir Humphry with a job request. Finally, Humphry was impressed and Faraday began to work as his assistant at Royal Institution. After returning from Royal Institution, Faraday had to work hard, because he was facing a big financial problem those days. It was his calmness, intelligence and hard work that his analyses resulted in the discovery of benzene in 1825. When Faraday discovered in 1823 that gases could be liquefied by pressure, Davy got credit. Davy was very much benefited by Faraday was a strong man. He moved forward and continued his passion. He demonstrated that if a magnet is moved inside a wire loop, electricity is generated. He also demonstrated that if a current carrying wire is suspended near a magnet it revolves around the magnet. These experiments made him famous throughout Europe. The most important year of his life was 1831, when he discovered “Dynamo”. Joseph Henry also made a generator at same time. Both models of Faraday and Henry transformed the generation of electricity. In upcoming years, Faraday did a lot of experiments by passing currents through solutions of different composition. Then he developed the law of electrolysis in 1834.

In 1839, Faraday suffered a mental breakdown. His breakdown left him with a poor memory which grew worse with the time. In 1861, he retired from Royal Institution at the age of 70. On 25 Aug, he breathed his last.

Many of his inventions were not put to use until decades after his death. To honor him, capacity of capacitor is given his name.

According to me, he is a great inspiration for those who are at struggling stage. He taught us that nothing is bigger and tougher than our courage and hard work. Salute this great man.