Losing is important because it is the best way to learn. It teaches us the real meaning of victory. Only a loser can realize that how difficult and precious ‘victory’ is. Losing is the best way to conquer the defeat. Yeah you might fail many times but every time that greed of winning multiplies. You get more and more motivated. Because loss feeds us with hope while victory feeds up with expectation. Expectation kills while hope keeps us alive.

Hello everyone! I am Himanshu, here again with my poem this time. It is titled as HOPE IN THE LOST WAR. I ‘Hope’ that you guys would like it. Don’t forget to drop comments.


Hope in the LOST WAR

 I saw him cry

In the corner

Travelling with

Deaf, dumb and almost dead guys.

It became louder

And louder,

He was feeling difficult

Even to manage

Breathing time.

Somewhere he was

Trying to not give a

Single notice to all.


He said

‘I have got tired

There is nothing

Good in battling

A lose, uncontrollable fire.

I am also one

Among those

Kiddos, hoping

To play, fight,

Make fun and read also.

I don’t want to

Leave my life incomplete!

I have tried to

Stay strong

With a single hope

But, it is also

Leaving me in

To and fro of lives.’


Hope was lost

According to him,

He was trying to

Get upon his miseries.

Miseries are like glue

Which never

Let you to flue.

Strongest glue

Let him on

The best pool.

Hope came with glue

As his friends again,

And changed the lost war

In One Way War


Himanshu Nath Jha