To change is the nature of the world. Human beings are also a part of this world. So it is obvious that human beings will also change. We know that humans have changed a lot in every field such as science and technology, architecture, art, music, culture, dress etc. In fact there is no end of this list. But I am not going to talk about these. I am just going to ask you a simple question- Is human being a social or social media animal? This question looks strange. But I think that this question can be a major question in future. I am going to try to find its answer in this blog.

As our ancestors had said that human being is a social animal. Yes it is true, humans are social because I don’t think that anyone in this world would want to live alone. But after the invention of social media there is a question mark on this statement. Today people are found more on social media. Social media has become an addiction for many people. This can be seen in teenagers in abundance. Today that person is our best friend whom we have never met. Today our each and every information is updated on our social account. Today our relatives have less information about us in compare to our social media accounts and friends. We are getting more and more attached to unknown persons. Today well wishes have been replaced with the likes and comments on our status updates.

You can also say that social media is also an example of being social. But my dear friend what is the benefit of being social in that way in which we have 2000 friends but no real time friend? What is the benefit of being social in which our family and relatives become less important than our UNKNOWN friends? What is benefit of being social where you are surrounded by countless people on your account but in reality there is none.

But you cannot say that social media is always bad. If we go back to the reason behind the making of social media then we shall find that it was made to contact our real friends, real relatives and our family members. It is a gift for those who stay away from their well wishers. It can be very beneficial if it is utilized in proper way. Many people are doing so.

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