Hi! this Ayush. Your own. I am back and this time with a poem ‘I am broken’. Hope you guys like it.

I am broken..

I am broken

I am alone

But I have to stand on my own

I know that I am not alright

But still I have to fight

Fight with the world full of hate

but it is this world which is going to decide my fate

Fight for my survival

Which is very crucial

But I don’t just wanna survive

I wanna live up high

Just beside that moon

But I can’t get there soon

I want to twinkle like stars

I want to go up to the mars

I know I can get there

only if this world behaves fair

Unfortunately this is not true

I had its clue

The world has become unwell

or you can just say that it is not less than the hell

But still I have to fight

while riding on my fears

But still I have to smile

hiding my tears


I am broken and

I am alone..