I want to share a common scenario of our society in today’s time. I remember there is a stage called teenage when we are going to be matured. At that time when we neglect something to do, or if we ignore somebody, there are lots of people who directly think that this guy has a box of attitude. And there are some good people who directly tell us that you have attitude. Do you know at that time your face should be smiling, because if you won’t smile and try to shout on him/ her then also he/she will never try to understand the reason what had happened with you.

So, why to waste your precious time uselessly, instead of devoting the time at any good work. There are also lots of cases when we are in teenage we become a kid also and a matured person also. Don’t worry I will explain you. For example, when your mother is talking to a person and you are also sitting there, and you speak something in the mid of their conversation. Your mother will definitely tell that you are not a matured guy you are still a kid and you haven’t got the permission to speak between us. Second situation is when we become a mature person. When it comes the time to take responsibility and you failed at that moment you became a matured person. What is this? You must be thinking that my mom will think that I’m still a kid. But nope this doesn’t happened. Something opposite.

Guys each and every human being has talent. May be he/ she not good in studies but his/ her handwriting will be good, his/her literature will be good. And when he got a chance he will definitely show his attitude. And I think it should be shown also but in limit. He/ She shouldn’t cross the limit. But to bring attitude first you have to be 100 out of 100 in that field. If you are then what’s the problem. Rock on……… 

There are also places when you must be alike from your friends, you always be thinking something different and your friends they will think that it’s your attitude. What is this. At that situation you shouldn’t worry. You should have patience and wait for the right time, the right moment when you got it. Then see how whole group will change their color like chameleon. For whole group you would be like a leader.They will listen to you, follow you for them everything will be you.

So, friends I will suggest maintain your attitude as well as your standardity. It can do miracles.