Hello everyone! Sami is here again with my new creation… It is called – I have to make myself win. I hope you will like it. So enjoy the ride…

I have to make myself win


No I won’t be afraid

My hopes are now raised

No more cries and

No more silent shouts

I have to find for what my life is about

Tasted success; enjoyed my failure

Now realised that no other can be my saviour

I have to stand on my own

Because there is no angel known

They will pull me down

I know; they will take my crown

But criticism will make me stronger

I have to think over it longer

I will show my best one day

My dreams can’t be taken away

One I will shine

My life needs a new design

I have to be the architect

All the bad nightmares will be forget

I have to shine like a star

I have to tear the darkness apart

It’s the time to clean up all the sin

I have to make myself win!!



Featured Image Credit-

Seth Willingham