There is a proverb, “Child is the father of man”. I believe in it. Childhood is the best and most amazing stage. There is no shame and there is no race for fame. Children are the most beautiful gifts that God has given to us. They know how to cry and they know to laugh because they know how to live. I miss my childhood!

Hi! This is your own Ayush. First of all I wish you a very happy children’s day. I think that there is a child in everyone. We just need to ignite that child. We are so stressed in our lives that we have killed that spirit. So, on the occasion of Children’s Day, let us be a child. Let us be child again and put our head in our mother’s lap. Let us close our eyes for a moment and think about being a child. Let us relive our childhood because I am sure that you guys too miss your childhood! So Enjoy….

I miss my ‘Childhood’

I miss those days!

When I cried, laughed and jumped

I miss those days!

When I was always carefree and pumped.

That excitement of playing with

newly bought bats.

And getting scared with just

those little rats.

I miss those funny expressions

that are now replaced by countless mathematical equations.

I miss running behind the kites

I miss following my own shadow in the moonlights.

I miss that fight with my brother

I miss that stare of my mother.

I miss ‘Hulk’, ‘Batman’ and ‘Superman’

I miss watching my favorite cartoon show ‘Shinchan’.

I miss rolling in the mud

I miss getting amazed by seeing a flower coming out of the bud.

I miss playing with the blocks of wood

I miss being not so good


I miss my childhood!