It has been almost two years. I lost my Granny about two years ago. I loved her a lot. Unfortunately, I did not get enough time to spend with her. But still, she is in my heart. She is everywhere around me. I can feel her but I can’t see her. I know that she is gone but…. I can’t give anything back to her. But I have written a poem for you, Granny. This poem is a tribute to my grandmother.

I miss you


I miss you granny..

Please come back


don’t behave like that

like you are no more

I know you are here

Giving me a strange stare

But that’s not fair

because I can’t see you

I can’t see your face

I can’t feel your grace

I can’t eat food

because for me only

your one was good

Mom said that

you are gone up to the sky

flying very high

settled right up there as a star

which is very far

twinkling in the night

up there bold and bright

But I don’t believe it

because I know

that you can’t go

You can’t leave me like this

In the hospital

they gave me your things along

with your phone

saying that now you are gone

At least you should have

kept your phone with you

so that I could

call you..

But that is not possible

I beg you granny

Please come back now..

It has been enough

I accept that you won

in hide and seek

and I lose

But now I can’t play this game anymore

I wish that I could open the door

The door life

And you can step into it


I miss you…

I miss you very much granny…..

©Ayush #Rest In Peace Love you.. I don’t know where you are. Nobody knows. But I only hope that wherever you are you should be happy.

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