“Internet”, we cant imagine our today’s society without it. We have millions use of internet. It has made our life more easy and complex than ever before. About 85% of internet users are youth. Everything has two sides like a coin.

Internet has also good and bad faces. In present day we see that teenagers are mostly distracted by use of it. They are spending their golden time on it. They have sank in the ocean of internet. It has become an addiction for them .They are highly influenced with it and many of them are getting involved themselves in cyber crimes. It has also become a powerful tool to motivate youth towards negative works like terrorist activities by antisocial elements all over the world. It has made our life faster but  it also made us lazy. People often waste their valuable time on it just for amusement. Excessive use of it creates many diseases like insomnia and many eye related problems.

Many bad websites are spoiling the life of students and diverting them.They are using social sites and chatting apps for communication but it has made them hesitated towards face to face communication. It has made them less social aware and lack of morality is seen in them nowadays.Children love to play online games and it has simply made them lazy and physically weak .


But it has also a good side. It has made communication fast and cheap. It is a wonderful source of knowledge. It is the window through which we can look out the world. It has opened a new field for jobs. You can earn with it just sitting at home. It has changed the shape of marketing and business. It has changed the idea of banking and commerce too. We cannot describe it’s benefits just in few words.

Internet has changed everything no doubt. Is it a boon or a bane? It is still a question mark but we cannot avoid it anyway. But we have to use it in sustainable way. Youths are the future of nation and they have to realize their responsibilities. We should always try to use internet for betterment of mankind and humanity…

Co-author- Himanshu Nath Jha