In India being a doctor or IITian (not engineer) is very prestigious. Having the tag of IITian or Doctor before your name increases your status in the society and make your parents proud. In India whenever a question arises that where should any student go to crack medical or IIT entrance exam? The answer is always one- KOTA.

Here a question arises why Kota is so famous for the students. Perhaps the reason is that that in past few years Kota has produced toppers. I would like to put some real facts in front of you Kota has approximately 250000 students studying in different coaching institutes. And out of those 250000 students 100000 students give entrance examinations and out of those students only 20000 students qualify. We are shown the data of toppers among those 20000 students. Then what happen to rest of the 80000 students?

If you will look at the study schedule of an average student then you will find that at least they study or they are told to study 15 hours a day. The students who had been topper in their school hardly manage to come in the top 500. This feeling of being no where in the competition makes student frighten. They start to think negative. They think that I am nowhere in the competition and if I failed then how shall I face my parents. Even the top most student starts to fear from this tough competition. Then you can imagine the situation of the average student. One former student of Kota said that “In Kota students are programmed like computers. They aren’t treated as human beings.” I think this is true. The amount of homeworks given to students is very high in comparison of schools.

These were the cases of the students who wanted to be an IITian or Doctor. There are a lot of students who are forced to go to Kota and become IITian or Doctor by their parents. Those students are crushed between the pressures of achieving their parent’s goals. They even forget their past talents. And their creativity level becomes ZERO.

In Kota on an average 1 or 2 students commit suicide at every 2 months. This fact is shocking. It itself says the reality of Kota.

KOTA SUICIDEAnd if they failed then the whole society starts to abuse those students that they wasted their parent’s money. Society starts blaming those students. Even in many cases parents also blame their child. That feeling can even change the most notorious child into a depressed child. And that depression can force the child to commit SUICIDE.

But it is also true that if Kota is utilized properly then no place is better than it for the students.

So I will appeal to my friends to think at least ten times before going anywhere for their further studies and must do what you want to do no matter what happens.

-by Ayush Anand