Hello everyone! I am Niti again here with my new composition. It is a poem which is titled as Let the poor. I hope that you guys will enjoy it. Do drop your comments in the comment box as they are precious.

Let the Poor Stand On

Let the poor stand on

As they also have to live on and on.

Let the poor participate everywhere

They are also the ones who can do miracles anywhere.

Let the poor get at least three  times of meal,

To survive in this hungry world

The stomach needs to be filled.

Let the poor breathe the fresh air,

Among everyone they have to become rare.

Let the poor not be tortured

Because if so then the world will be frustrated.

Let each and every house of poor be lit on,

For the better future of country be lighten.

Let the poor face the crowd

And come out of it as the king

If this much for the poor,

Then one more thing,

Replace the poor with ‘We All’.

Niti Goyanka


Featured Image Credit –
Larm Rmah