Hello everyone this time I am going to discuss you about the year 2016. First I would like to wish you Happy New Year Eve 2017. What I want to say is that we should give just one hour today alone to ourselves. And start remembering that melodious and melancholy moments of 2016.Start remembering those moments ansd see what happens.

Do you know friends for some people 2016 would be the best year and they must want that all years should come like 2016, but for some people 2016 would be the worst year and they never want like 2016 year any year to come. I also wanted to mention one dreariest moment of my life. I was staying in hostel from November 5, Wednesday, 10:00 a.m 2014  when I was in Class 7. Till March 31, 2016 I stayed at hostel I have done lots of struggle there, faced lots of problem there. But when I heard that my father would do my admission in D.A.V Public School, Samastipur I became very much glad. I told my roommates and the small kids in hostel. They began so much friendly in the last moment that I cannot felt the loneliness of my bro, my dad and my almighty, mom.

All the teachers were telling me that Niti what are you doing. Have you gone mad? When my father came to take me from that school, the principal of that school was not ready to send me. She was not at all ready to give me transfer Certificate. She said me that Niti wherever you go I and we teachers of Udaan International School will never forget you. That words of Honourable Principal Ma’am Mrs. Uma Pithora I can never forget. She loved me a lot. When I was in hostel she became like my parent.How can I leave that school which gave me lots of love. It was the best school for me where each and everyone was having broad mentality.

Anyways it was my story, my sorrow I felt that I should share my moments. that’s why I shared. I hope that MAY THIS NEW YEAR BRING ONLY HAPPINESS IN YOUR LIFE. WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE