There is a proverb that ‘man is mortal’. It is true. Every single soul who has stepped in this great puzzle which is commonly known as life has to depart at some point of the journey. No matter whether the person is a great king or a born slave, at the end of the day both of them have to lie in their graves. But the irony is that instead of this fact many lost souls are still remembered everywhere. They were also men. The thing which kept them alive is their deeds which are recorded and admired in the form of literature.

Literature is one of the most beautiful things that are ever made by the almighty. One cannot simply imagine the life without literature. Life without literature is like life without communication. Literature does the most difficult work. It unites the different generations only with the help of words. It has a great ability to create a strong and addictive bond between words and reader. Ever since the evolution of human civilisation, literature is prevailing in this world. Even God also communicates with the help of literature. And this is most astonishing thing that literature has not died and it will never die. It is always cherished in the eyes of the readers. That is why still many characters are alive. That is why still many souls are alive. That is why Romeo and Juliet are more famous than a scientist of 15th century. That is why every child   knows superman better than the president of his/her country.

Literature has the power to make you cry in the middle of the day sitting on your couch. It can make you feel the cold of Antarctica while sitting under the sun of Africa. It can make you able to smell the beauty of Kashmir while lying in bed in some part of Spain. It can make you laugh, cry, happy, sad in just a moment. The most important is that it can make you complete.

Literature was not made in a day. It has not been the same from the start. It has gone through different phases in different parts of the world at different times. But all it did is to unite the people. Shakespeare has united more people than any powerful politician history. The ink spilled from the tip of a pen has brought more revolutions and it will continue to do so. Literature is always there to witness the doom’s day. It will pass from different souls to different souls but it is never going to stop because literature is immortal.


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