There are many occasions in our lives when we feel like a loser. We feel like a lost warrior who lost the battle even after trying his best. In one shot the life thrashes you down to the ground. And you just stay silent there, constantly looking to the sky with no hope. Then you just close your eyes and everything starts to fade.

Life has a great ability to hit you when you are on your peak and falling from the peak hurts a lot. Sometimes it breaks us in a way which we cannot even imagine. All things which seemed beautiful few moments ago start fading away. No more beauty lefts in anything after the fall. And the most difficult choice that one has to make at that point is what to do next? Yes you can get sympathy and many shoulders to put your head on and cry at that time. But those won’t help you to move on. Those can’t change you from being a loser. Emotions can heal you for a moment but they cannot change the facts. There are full chances that you will receive none of those shoulders next time and you cannot blame others for that as they are not born to babysit you every time. You just have to accept the defeat which hurts more than anything.

But the truth is that victory lies in accepting your defeat. It is the first step towards moving on. You cannot stop the rain when it is raining heavily. All you can do is to hold an umbrella and keep moving on. Similarly you cannot run away from low points of your life. You just have to hold an umbrella of hope for a better future and keeping moving on steadily. Sunrise or sunset is not in our hands but we can decide that when our morning starts and when it ends. It is up to us that we wake up at 4o’clock before the sunrise or at 12 o’clock noon. Similarly you cannot decide that when will you fall but you can decide that when you will wake up from that fall. ‘Move on’ these two words are the easiest to say but hardest to do. And nobody else can do it in your place.

Everyone around us must have been loser at some point of his/her life. But not everyone has been the real winner because winner is a loser who never gave up. You are the master of your fate and creator of your own destiny. It is up to you to write them with your own hands or give others to write them. Choice is yours!

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Diego Sulivan