Hello everyone! I am Ayush, here again with my new poem – Lost War. This poem  reflects the present situation of my life. I may not be going through a good phase but I bet this poem is one of my best creations. Have a look. I will appreciate your inputs in this…

Lost War

Waves hit me

With a huge force

Making my old wound

New and worse.

It frightened me

From head to toe

And reminded me of

My very old foe.

Standing beside

Was the death

Laughing loudly

Over my fate

I ran and ran

Away from that unwanted mate

Giving me sometime

To have some breath

But all of that

Went in vain

As he was ready

To give me some real pain

I tried

For a last time

In hope of

The sunshine

But it took me just a moment

To realize that

I was too far

And there was nothing good

In battling a lost war!