Hi guys! This is Ayush. But this time I am with something different. As you guys had appraised my blogs so tried writing a poem. I don’t know how good or bad it is because this is my first poem on www.dashh.in So, if you like or dislike this poem, please share your views in the comment box. So enjoy the poem whose title is ‘We smiled!’.

We smiled!

I remember the day

when I saw her

I went there and she addressed me

by saying ‘hello sir’.

She had a beautiful pair of eyes

But they said something

that they wanted to cry.

I asked her about that

but she did not reply

I thought again and again

that why she wants to cry?

I tried to make her laugh

But she did not

because there was only her half

Her body was present

but she was busy somewhere else

because her mind was absent.

Then her son came running there

she hugged him then and there

He was a five-year-old boy

constantly playing with his toy

While looking at him she smiled,

I smiled

and at the end of the day

We smiled!