No one stays with you till the end of your life except the memories. Sometimes happy memories make you sad that you are going to relive those moments in the future. Here is a poem by me which I have written when I was going through my memory. I have named it as “A walk through my memory lane.” Hope you like it.

A walk through my memory lane

I am walking in a field

Without any shield

Stretching my hands out

Coz there is no more selfie and no more pout.

Just staring back through my memory lane

And writing it down from my favourite pen

Opening my eyes wide

Coz there is no more need to seek and hide.

Just remembering those beautiful days

Which are giving me some hopeful rays

But till the end of my life

I will think that what should have been right

Coz there is no more love and no more fight.

Memories are tearing me down

Letting myself to shout and frown

But here is this healing wind

Touching each and everything

Constantly hitting my face

Reminding me that I am not out of the race.

All I have to do is just wait, wait and wait.