Hi dudes and champs! This is the blogger Niti Goyanka not to debate but to open your eyes towards truth. Guys what did you think about your mentality? How is it broad or narrow? I am sure that many of us in our self think that I have broad mentality. Is it really so?

Mentality is that thing which differs in each and everyone. Some people have broad mentality and some have narrow mentality. But I am sure in this greedy selfish era no one will accept that they have narrow mentality.

Let me keep some examples in front of you and after reading the examples ask your heart that really was  there any example which can be called broad mentality after that ask your heart what type of mentality are you really having?

Examples are as follows:

  1. A student brought sanitizer in a remote area school but the school has good name and fame. He has brought it for a healthy and dust free environment. The teacher saw him using sanitizer and ceased it. What is this? What type of mentality is it? Is it broad mentality? I don’t know.
  2. A student brought a well designed pen and the teacher saw him writing with it. He scolded him very badly. What was that? Can it be called a good mentality, it’s simply a pen. Rather than writing with it what else he can do. If he will give to any other person he/ she will also write with it. Is it broad mentality? I don’t know.
  3. A function was going to organize in a school and two children one girl and one boy were chosen for anchoring. So, they both talked to each other about progammes as they have to speak. Other students of their classes saw them talking with each other. They thought something else about them and started passing comments, making issues. What’s this? Is this to be called broad mentality?
  4. A woman working at any office and she comes at 8 O’ clock any day not regularly. Some people of that society saw her and next day when they sat for a colony meeting at evening they started to talk about that lady. And not only they talked they made it a burning topic. What is it? Is this to be called broad mentality?
  5. A lady teacher comes in class to teach students. I think in students girls and boys both come. But for that lady teacher only boys are present in class whom she has to have to teach. What’s this? Is it to be called broad mentality?
  6. A computer teacher comes in class and a girl is lot much interested to study computer comparing other student of her class. Definitely if a child will study he will stuck at somewhere as no one is perfect. So, she goes and ask to the computer teacher. The girls of her class started passing comments. What’s this? Is this to be called broad mentality?

No, friends. I think the answers to all these examples are no. If you will move out of Bihar and went into other states of India you can see with this type of thinking you can never stay for a day there. Not only in India in foreign too. Your all the knowledge of Maths and Science will go in vain. Because you have to go to office conduct meetings and there will be both male and female that means if you will be male and a female will be your Boss you will boycott that job.

I think you will never. Friends I know that in your class in your colony there are people in large number who didn’t have good mentality. And if they will be huge in number then definitely whole society will follow them. No, friends If a spoil fish can make whole fresh fish spoil then why can’t a fresh fish can make all the spoil fish fresh. You must go on this funda.

This much only after all it’s you and your decisions who can make this world a heaven stopping it from being a hell. So, friends make your this New Year resolution to have a broad and a unique mentality.



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