What happens when we hear the word “Music”?I think there is no need to explain, we start thinking about songs, tunes, melodies etc. I just love music and hope that you guys also like it.

Almost everyone likes to listen music. It gives pleasure to us. Music is the art of combining vocal and instrumental sounds together to create expressions of an effect like emotions, feelings and situations. Or you can simply say that “Music is the voice of the soul”. Music can describe feelings and thoughts that many people can have. If we go in literature then music is derived from Latin word “Musica” means song or melody.

Everyone enjoys music for different reasons. Music spreads harmony in society. For expression and communication purposes, music has many other great uses. Music is also beneficial for a person’s health and even their mood. There are many kind of music genres for people to enjoy. The most popular are:-

  • Rock
  • Alternative
  • Country
  • Rap/Hip hop
  • Classical

and many more….

Whenever I feel alone, I switch to music. It has become my habit and I think that it is a good one. Music is a great way to express your feelings, thoughts, expression to someone. Every person has a different preferences in their choice of music to listen to, which may change over time. There is a variety of music for any person to enjoy.

As the time passes evolution is made in music Music is changing decade by decade and becoming better. I hear a certain song of my choice, I may be going through at that time along with the particular emotions that are felt. A special song, with amazing lyrics and even a good rhythm can always mean so much to a person. We can make a figure sketch of a person by just knowing which type of music he/she likes. For example- If someone likes to listen Yo Yo Honey Singh or Rap or hip-hop then he/she may be an aggressive or energetic person. If someone likes to listen slow melody then he/she may be a cool and calm person.

Whether it is animal or plant everyone likes to listen music. Doesn’t it look strange that plants likes to listen music. But it is true my dear friend. J. C. Bose, a great scientist proved that plants respond to the music. It is proven fact that plants can also enjoy music. Thus we can say that “Music is a type of language that is always understood by everyone.”

For me, music is so relaxing and inspiring. It changes my mood and thoughts when I listen a good song. It is a way to express feelings or emotions to someone sepcial. It is soothing. Last thing I would like to say that “You don’t need to be a musician to be in love with music. If you know the meaning of love, you will definitely love music.”

Please comment you favorite song and singer if you are also crazy for music like me.

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