I started writing two years ago and I was completely alien in this field. I lacked proper grammar, proper use of words, proper emotions and maturity. But still I continued because it gives me a sense of satisfaction. What I use in my writing is completely mine. I use my own words, emotions and feelings. I don’t know that how good or bad writer I am but at least I am happy as it gives me pleasure.

Hello everyone. I am Ayush, your own blogger. This time I am here with my own words. Actually it is a poem whose title is My Own Words. It is a kind of a gratitude. I wrote it in my school. It was the period of Computer Lab and I thought that it is better to write a few words than to get irritated by using that bullshit Notepad. So that is how it got created. I hope that you guys would like it. So enjoy…

My Own Words

They come through the deepest

Ocean of love,

Enlightening every soul

Below or above.

They slices down

From my heart

In the form of drops

Carrying some dirt.

Even in the darkest of dark

They shower their light,

Invisible to others

But for me it is bright.

Because they feed me with hope

Every time I cry,

They teach me to fight

To give it a new try.


They are infinite

Walking beside me,

Always there to hold my hands

Whenever I fall free,

They are my weapons

They are my army,

They are my seeds

And also my own trees.


They heal me with pleasure

Which I always seek,

They push me towards the Strong

From the category of weak.

They are my 2 am friends

Whom I talk to endlessly,

As they dutifully carry my every emotions

Happy, sad, love, hate and even the deepest mysteries.


They are so

Because whenever I walk through them

I feel the love,

I feel their flowers

Blooming even in the mud.

They always welcome me

With loads of kisses and hugs,

As they are my tragedy

They are MY OWN WORDS.



Featured Image Credit-
Aaron Burden