Hi friends! This is Rupesh Kumar and today I am here with ann amazing blog. I am going to describe about a global manufacturing hub of India, “Patanjali Ayurveda Company” i.e. basically a company which manufactures the daily uses product.

It was introduced by Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna in 2006. Industrial units of Patanjali is situated in Haridwar and it is controlled From Delhi. Earlier most of the Indians used to buy products which were manufactured by foreign countries. Because there was no any Indian local company who was able to manufacture the products which the foreigners did. But Patnjali broke this trend. It not only manufactures the products but it also encourages everyone in different fields like education, employment, yoga, etc. It creates awareness among the people of backward sections. This company has played an important role in Indian economy too.

It started its education system by introducing Acharyakulam. It a system which provides the way in that ancient gurukuls did. There are many people who had lost their hope of getting right treatment of their disease at a reasonable price. But Patanjali stood for them. It has generated a new hope among them by providing better medical facilities at very low rate. The major weapon of Patanjali is promoting Yoga. And it has already proved useful for many ill persons. Patanjali encourages all the schools to have a Yoga classes.

Baba Ramdev is also the brand ambassador of his company and he promotes Yoga everywhere. We must have seen Baba Ramdev on television peforming Yoga. And the better part is that people around the globe are following it and its is proving very useful indeed. Ayurveda medicines have also been useful for most of the people.

Patanjali has became a global brand in the recent years. It has gained a lot of popularity because it provides useful products at very cheap rate. It is pride for India as it has proven all the world that Indians too can achieve success in business. So do Yoga until I see you in my next blog.