Loneliness is a very bizarre thing. It can break anyone’s heart into millions of pieces. It makes us realize that we are lacking something in our life. It is a very dreadful experience but the strange thing is that it is addictive. It becomes a kind of addiction which becomes very dear to us with the passage of time. And this is dangerous because the life outside is beautiful. It is full of happiness and sorrow. We should try and learn something from it because loneliness teaches us some of the most important lessons of our life.

Hello everyone. This afternoon I am with a perfect afternoon. Don’t get confused because PERFECT AFTERNOON is the title of my new poem. I wrote it this afternoon and I hope that you guys would like this. So enjoy..



The clouds are spread
In a few patches
Covering the bright 
Blue sky.
A little kid 
Enjoying the mid day heat
Is looking to it
With his hands opened wide.
He is rolling on the grass
With an innocent smile on his face
As he unaware of the real world
And free from any rat race.

And now he stands there
To welcome the lovely wind
And it greets him
By kissing his perfectly lined chin.
He then falls back again 
To his previous place,
Enjoying the grass
He looks up with a 
Smiling face.

Then the school bell
Breaks the ruling silence
And hundreds of pure souls
Run out from that school gate
Without any violence.
They celebrate their freedom
By jumping and dancing
Few run to the hawkers
While few are still 
Crossing that school fencing.
Soon they capture the whole road
And spread their joy
Without any Barbie doll
Or teddy bear
On any other toy.

A few minutes later
Wind recaptures its place
Replacing those 
Heavenly happy faces.
And silence gradually 
Restarts to rule
As I sit here
Enjoying the moment
And this perfect afternoon.
  – Ayush