Planning is just like ‘sharpening the knife? It ensures an optimum use of the resource that are available to you. In life your opponent have the same time, the same energy, same word and the same opportunities. But instead of having these only one person wins. The reason behind his/her victory is right PLANNING.

Country like Japan, Singapore and Germany are known to be master in planning. Japan has its planning culture dating back to lateĀ  19th century and is a major reason for its strong economic growth. On other hand, India is time and again accused for, its slow progress. Why ? Planning is an ore where all sector of our society need to improve. At your level, your can inculcate the habit of planning your daily routine like

Quick tips to get stored.

Take out a few minutes daily to schedules your next day.

List down the activities in order of their importance.

Be practical do not try to finish a week’s job in day.

Cut down on watching TV or planing Video game, if you think there in not enough time.

Do not get upset with early time.

Benefit of Planning

Setting of gods & Barbour.

Better time management

Increased patience

Better decision making

Planning well is better than speaking well, To be a glib talker is surely an asset but to be a wise planner is even a great asset, Having both however is the best for all options. For things as simple as packing your school bag for the next day practical classes. Just listening down a few to words won’t make a good plant. Devise the steps of plan A would needs to take and accordingly include then in your plan. Next implement that plan as you work towards your goal and not to forget in situations where there could be a chances of failure, Always have plan B.


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