Guys I wanted to put something in front of you “Poverty The Other India”. I think now in India it can be called The Other India. As per wikipedia it is the general scarcity or the state of one who lacks a certain amount of material possessions or money. But guys I think only in such a short definition poverty can’t be defined. 

Poverty is that horrible word as per me, in which a human is not capable to fulfill their basic needs, I am not talking about wants. I am talking about three basic needs food, shelter and cloth to survive on this mortal earth. But guys, I didn’t think so. We need food to eat, shelter to live and  cloth to wear. I remember just a mere piece of paper which has a lot of value consisting in it is needed. You got it right. I am talking about money. To earn money is not a simple task, I think it’s a ridiculous task for some sections of our society. I think to fulfill all these any one member of the family should earn. HE/She should have any quality in him/her so that he can earn. Actually how easily we say all these? Am I right or wrong? The person who have to do all these can only know as well as understand how he feels.

In our society we are those non humans who created the word difference, boys, girls, ladies and men. Do you know the impact which  all these words are going to leave is very horrible. I think it has already done its work. There are lots of girls who have some quality, who can study more well than his brother. But still they are neglected. I don’t know WHY????????????? Yes, I agree now, its about to stop. The very first thing we have to do is to eradicate poverty from our society is UNITY. We have to bring unity among us. After that we have to bring a word called Humanity in our heart which is extincted for some reasons which I don’t know. After bringing the word humanity see what kind of miracle happens. Do you know guys dignity matters but somewhere I think it should be neglected. 

Try to spend sometime with lower section of the society by forgetting the word dignity and prestige. Teach them, play with them.  Something you will definitely find beyond them. Never try to raise fingers on political figures  because as per me those who join politics are in need of money. They join the politics with the word corruption and they leave the politics with the word corruption. Guys whatever our honorable PM is doing for the poor section of our society is good. But I want to keep something with you. Please try this experiment. Have a trip to a very poor village. And ask a child very simple two questions. Who is the PM of our country? And second Who is the CM of Bihar? I think 90% of them would be silent. They don’t know. 

Guys there are also some persons in our country who don’t know what is constitution? In fact the basic fundamental rights are not known to him. The rights which he has got when he came to this world and he doesn’t know about it and somebody is misusing it. I know guys this problem can’t be solved only by me. What we need is to forget the word called dignity and teach them how to survive not live this greedy life. I know if they get to know how to survive they will easily know how to live life. It’s my heartily request from the core of my heart help those needy, don’t waste your time in Facebook and Whatsapp. The time which you are giving there if you will give that time to needies they can do miracles. After that 1000s of Mark Zuckerberg will come. I hope you will definitely follow what I want to say.

If you will Teach India, then only India can reach to a good level like China, USA. Please guys don’t take this lightly work on it. Forget FACEBOOK, WHATSAPP, AND DIGNITY. Give some time to those who are really in need.