Why you should read this blog?

Today, I wanted to tell you something . A story of love, happiness and passion. This may sound very awkward to you but hey this is it…. This is where I belong.is also being used by the most famous universities in the world including Yale University, New Your University. And I you will be surprised to know that NASA is also using Python. Sounds good.

What the hack is Python?

So coming to a little bit more about python. Python is open source, high-level programming language which combines the features of C and JAVA. It is both object oriented and procedure oriented at the same time. It is very easy to learn and implement. It was created by a person named Guido Van Rossum in the year 1991 at the Center for Mathematics and Computer Science managed by Dutch Government.

Why Python is named Python?

Van Rossum picked the name from the TV show, Monty Python’s Flying circus. He was very influenced by Monty Python Show. But here is one interesting fact. The logo of Python shows two intertwined snakes as shown in the picture above.

Features of Python:)

  • It’s Simple🙂 Python is very simple to read and learn. When you will read python code you will feel like reading English sentences.
  • Easy To Learn🙂 Python uses very few keywords. Its programs very simple structure. Its syntax are very easy to learn and remember.
  • Open Source🙂 There is no need to pay for Python. You can download and use it freely.
  • High Level Language🙂 Python uses English work and mathematical symbol in its program. That’s why it will be easy to understand.
  • Dynamically typed🙂 In python, you don’t need to declare anything. You can change the data type of the variable dynamically.
  • Platform Independent🙂 You can execute the same code at any operating system like MAC OS X, Linux, Windows, etc.