Still Sleeping? The nation needs you. You need to be Awaken!! You are part of world’s biggest democracy. Today is the day when we got our Constitution.. It’s Indian republic Day. Wake up and value the Day.

Let us bring happiness to each face

Educate the entire human race

Let us cut the snare of unemployment

Fill every heart with encouragement

Let us live in harmony with nature

Let us save trees and creatures,

Let us bring progress in agriculture

And foster the best of our culture.

We celebrate Republic day on 26 January annually to commemorate the day when Indian Constitution came into force and India was declared as Republic country.

I want to share a quote with you all “ Be the change you want to see in this world and feel proud to be an Indian.” At this day, we Indian citizens unfurl the national flag of our country and sing the national anthem to show our heartily respect for our republic country. It is celebrated all over the country at schools, colleges, universities, educational institutions, banks and many more places.

At this day, the Constitution of India came  into force in 1950 however was adopted on 26 November 1949 by the Constituent Assembly. On 26 January, India was declared Purna Swaraj by the Indian National Congress in 1930 that’s why 26 January was chosen to bring Indian Constitution into force. After its enforcement the Union Of India officially became Contemporary Republic of India which had replaced the Government of India Act 1935 to fundamental governing document. Our country was declared as a sovereign, socialist and democratic republic by the constitution. Our Constitution assures the citizens of India about justice, liberty and equality among them.

Our Indian constitution was drafted by the Constituent Assembly (389 members). It took around three years( actually 2 years, 11 months and 18 days) to be written. A drafting committee was set up by the Constituent assembly on 29th of August in 1947 to draft the Constitution under the chairmanship of Dr. B.r. Ambedkar. Some important figures of the drafting committee were Dr. B.R. AMBEDKAR, JAWAHARLAL  NEHRU, GANESH VASUDEV MAVALANKAR, C.RAJAGOPALACHARI, SANJAY PHAKEY, BALWANTRAI MEHTA, SARDAR VALLABHBHAI PATEL, KANAIYALAL MUNSHI, RAJENDRA PRASAD, MAULANA ABUL KALAM AZAD, NALINI RANJAN GHOSH, SHYAMA PRASAD MUKHERJEE AND SANDIPKUMAR PATEL. More than 30 members of the total drafting COMMITTEE were from scheduled class. Some women members of the committee were SAROJINI NAIDU, RAJKUMARI AMRIT KAUR, DURGABAI DESHMUKH, HANSA MEHTA, AND VIJYALAKSHMI PANDIT. Constitution of India gives right  to its citizens to select their own government.

At this day our country follows the tradition of “Athiti Devo Bhava”  by inviting a Chief Guest (PM, president or king from another country) on 26 January. President of India, who  is the Commander In Chief Of the Indian Army, takes the salute by the Indian Armed Forces. The Prime Minister of India gives a floral tribute to the sacrificed Indian soldiers at the Amar Jawan Jyoti, India Gate. The celebration of republic day continues by 29th of January which ends after the beating retreat ceremony . At this day, every Indian shows his/ her respect and Pride to the National Constitution.

I know friends in a normal day, this speech would suffice, but not today. Democracy, the word easily said but rarely understood. Our Constitution has given us many rights, but do we really understand its meaning? It means with these rights comes greater responsibility. First of all we have to be responsible; responsible for our family, responsible for our parents, responsible for our brothers, responsible for our sister, responsible for our friends, then only we can be responsible to our society.

Swami Vivekananda endorsed on the strength of youth. We are the next generation, so the responsibilities are on our shoulders.

Our nation is progressing, but we have to be capable enough to handle those progress. Blaming political leaders or parties cannot do anything. We choose them. So, we are the person to be blamed. To clean the dirt, first we have to get into the dirt.

Friends, India holds a very prestigious position on the world map. Let’s pledge to take our country to new heights.

“One Nation, One Vision, One Identity. No Nation Is perfect. It needs to be made Perfect”. Meri pehchaan Mera India. So, dear friends, broaden your shoulders and chest. Take the responsibility.