Artists live on emotions. Those emotions which are transparent not only through the words but through the heart. Those emotions which do not need to present themselves on the stage. They just come naturally. You cannot stop them nor you can resist yourselves from feeling them. So let them be what they want to be. Let you feel the emotion. Let you heal.

Hey everyone! I am Ayush. The life is changing. So do I am. I have learnt to feel. I have learnt to observe. I am here again with my latest composition. This one depicts a situation. I hope you enjoy this one..

Said It All


That ocean which lied beneath

In those eyes, under the heat,

Those lost smiles on her lips

Waiting for a single bliss

Said it all…


That cry which was loud enough

To let it remain in the ‘silent stuff’,

Hiding the scars of the moon

With the fake banner saying

‘I will be happy soon’

Said it all…


Those quite stares to the sky

Remembering that last GOODBYE!

Still hoping for that one try

Which can convert it to a new Hiii

Said it all…


That pillow bathed in tears

Carrying all her social fears,

Its feathers lying in the room

Still waiting for that known groom

Said it all…